Who am I

My name is Pauline Costa – @pauline.costa – and I am the person behind Happen To Be Bold, a brand I’ve created in order to promote and encourage people to think and talk about feminism, love, strength and empathy through the messages that are not only printed on the shirts I create, but also in my heart.

Some people aren’t able to give their best because they don’t feel they are allowed to be themselves. That’s how I felt for over 30 years. If we want to be happy and, make this world a better place to live, we have to embolden ourselves to reach for our dreams.

Standing up for myself was challenging and I am still working on it every single day, but the best thing I’ve been doing for myself is allowing me to be free , to be myself, to be bold. Once you turn on that light inside you, your brightness will reflect in everything you see and do. Believe me!

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Let’s get our shine on and embolden ourselves together!